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TBW 4.0 Update

Created: 28.4.2016 18:42 (CEST)


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Dear EnderPearlers and EnderDragon Killers,

we're proud to release TBW 4.0 today. It has cost us much of our time and was very nerve-shattering sometimes.

But now we have it, and the full Changelog is listed below.

TBW 4.8
We released TBW 4.8 to fix some bugs (again :D)
- Kit Discount is now done via our Database

- Translations were improved

TBW 4.7
We released TBW 4.7 to fix some 4.6 Bugs ;)

- Rusher is now working properly again
- Fixed an Issue where attacking enemy Power Crystal would display the Message in the Language of the mining player to everybody

TBW 4.6
We released TBW 4.6 to convert TBW to the new system and do some adjustments

- Ends are now given on the end of a round depending on online time

- First Kit now starts at 0 Ends and every new Kit costs 2.000 more per kit you purchase (max. 20.000 Ends per Kit)
- Healer was reworked to heal more often but less effective and now risks his owhn life to heal his team mates

- Death Screen is no longer shown on ... death!
- Translations improved

TBW 4.5
We released TBW 4.5 to fix some minor bugs

- TBW Servers are now restarted completely after Round instead of only reloading
- TBW Servers now automatically restart when crashed (yey :D)

TBW 4.4
We released TBW 4.4 to improve the Kill Assist feature, which was bugged a little bit

- Kill Assists are now ALWAYS given, if you damaged the Player within the last 20 Seconds (before, only the last damager before the killer got the kill assist)
- Kill Assist are now displayed when hovering over the Killers Name in Chat

TBW 4.3
We released TBW 4.3 to fix a few minor issues

- Death Message is now being displayed correctly in all languages

- Added aliases for /stats command as it sometimes doesn't work due to Spigot issues: statistics, stat, globalstats, globalstat (always works with /tbw:stats)

TBW 4.2
We released TBW 4.2 to (really) fix some bugs and adjust the gameplay. There probably won't be any more TBW updates until TBW 5.0 (except new Maps and Map Updates; some Maps are already planned for the upcoming weeks)

- Added a "Best Stats" Wall
- "Dragons Breath" was added to the Shop
- Added a Sound for the Ragehit of Vampire

- Destroyer Sword, Mining Dream, Ultra Bow and all Buildings were removed from the Shop

- False information from Scout Kit Description was removed
- Primary Kit Item does no longer replace your stuff, now for real ;)
- Armor is no longer duplicated when logging out, now for real ;)
- Stats are now also saved if Game ends after Phase 1 because too few teams
- Primary Kit Item of Old Kit will now be removed even if it's in your Off-Hand

- Amount of Wheat you get from Crops and hay bales was adjusted
- Armor Stands, Ender Crystals, Minecarts, Paintings, Sheep, Cows, Pigs, Squids, Chickens and Leash Knots are no longer removed on Map load

- Scout Re-Flash Time was reduced by 0.5 seconds
- Diamonds now have a higher Respawn Time
- Fortune now gives you a random amount of Ores

TBW 4.1
We released TBW 4.1 to fix some gamebreaking bugs

- Primary Kit Item does no longer replace your stuff
- When logging out, Armor is no longer duplicated
- New Years Eve Kit now has a Cooldown on the Fireworks

TBW 4.0
- Added /surrender Command
- Kill Assists now rewards you with 2 Ends
- You now get your Ends at the End of the game
- Kits can now be disabled via our database if they are bugged
- TAB and Kits are now language compatible
- Added "Supporter" Kit
- Added "Healer" Kit
- Added "Golem" Kit
- New Cooldown-System
- You can now customize your Spawn Items
- Added K/D to session stats
- Session Stats will now be saved as global stats, added /stats Command
- Endmultiplier for a round can now be changed
- New TBW Lobby

- BossBar which displayed your Power

- Vampire now has a 25% Chance to absorb health and every 5th Hit deals 1 additional damage
- Scout was completely reworked to have a Flash/Re-Flash ability

- The Cooldown of Santa Claus is now being displayed
- NameTags (Name over the head of somebody) are now displayed in their team color
- Squid is now invisible underwater again

- Kits which can't be purchased anymore are now glowing
- You can now hover over Kit Names in the Chat
- Cooldowns of all Classes were improved
- You do no longer need to farm Lapis in order to enchant
- Blaze Powder is now automatically added to any brewing stand

- When you kill somebody as an Assassin, your Cooldown will be lowered to 3 Seconds

- Removed Sneaking ability of BloodMage and nerfed overall Abilities of it
- Acrobat DoubleJump Cooldown is now 8 seconds and the boost it gives you was reduced

Your EnderCentral Serverteam ;)

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