Ender Central Rules

If you break the following Rules, you might get banned

Server Rules

You are not allowed to use any modded or hacked clients which give you an advantage over other players on our Servers (including Subservers)

You are not allowed to spam in the chat

You are not allowed to advertise any other website, unless it is a Youtube/Twitch/etc. Channel with Ender Central Content

You are not allowed to be racist

Forum Rules

1. Do not spam on our Forums

2. Do not advertise other Servers

3. Do not post any kind of threats or attacks including racism, pornography and cybermobbing.

4. Do not link to any kind of content which would be disallowed here from Rule 2 or 3

5. Do not try to trick our System, it simply won't work ;)

We can change these Rules at any time, so check this if you dont want to get banned!

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