TBW 5.0 Patch Notes

Created by ZockerAxel on 11.8.2017 19:00 (CEST)

TBW 5.0 Released!
Dear EnderPearlers and Dragon Killers,
today we are happily announcing, that TBW 5.0 has been released. The full changelog is listed below in our new style ;)
As always, new and reworked Kits are discounted 30% for the first month and Kits with a Mini Rework are discounted 20% for the first month. All remaining Kits are discounted 10% for the first week as of the release of this update.


Kit Updates

NEW KIT: EarthMage

Passive: Using a Kit Item will give you a charge. Having 10 Charges charges your next Kit Item.
Throw Spell: Fires 1 + 0.5 * charges Blocks (Fires 15 Blocks when charged)
Wall Spell: Creates a wall (also knocks enemies back when charged)
Knockup Spell: (Only usable when charged) Smashes 10 Blocks in a line and damages enemies

NEW KIT: FireMage

Passive: Immune to Fire Damage (not lava damage)
Heat Wave: Throws an a heat wave which can either be reactivated after 1.5 seconds or automatically errupt when timer runs out

NEW KIT: Knight

Passive: When you are on your horse, it will absorb all the damage you take. Allys close to your horse will recieve a regeneration effect.
Call Horse: Calls your horse to you or spawns a new one if there isn't one yet
Horse-Attack: Your horse will deal AoE damage to nearby enemies

Mini Rework: Golem

Passive: Your attacks are also area of effect and you have a maximum of 15 hearts. (Also, the amount of damage you deal) -> (Also, the damage that is dealt through the AoE Attack) is divided by the amount of enemies hit (minimum 1 heart of damage).


Spawn Items: Iron Axe -> Stone Sword

General Changes

Adventure Mode

You now spawn in adventure mode and you need the corresponding tool to break certain blocks

New Preparation-Phase

Between Lobby and Ingame there is now a Preparation-Phase when players are teleported to the map so everybody's chunks have loaded when the game starts

Cooldown System

Cooldowns are now executed with a more dynamic system

Kit Selector

The Kit Selector can now be sorted by owned kits and not owned kits and comes with an option to automatically equip last used kits.
Additionally, the Kit Descriptions have been updated and now follow a new layout pattern.

Team Selector

The Team Selector looks more fancy now

Map Voting

The Map Vote Inventory now shows the builder of the maps

TBW Statistics

Statistics for Maps were implemented and can now be viewn at endercentral.eu/games/tbw/stats


- Hoppers will no longer collect soulbound items
- Dispenser will no longer work
- Crafting is no longer possible with soulbound items
- Teleporter's Teleports no longer get confused which block should belong where
- Shops don't spawn infinitely anymore when their chunk isn't loaded
- Changing to the current Kit won't duplicate the Kit Item anymore
- Crafting no longer works with Soulbound Items
- Entering Vehicles no longer works when not on ground

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