TBW 5.1 Patch Notes

Created by ZockerAxel on 27.10.2017 19:00 (CEST)

The Halloween Update
Dear EnderPearlers and EnderDragon Killers,
Halloween Changes are here TODAY! This includes an Halloween Event with spooky 35% Discount on ALL KITS!
Reminder: New and reworked kits are discounted 30% for the first month. Event Kits are discounted 85% when the corresponding event is being held and cost 5000 Ends more by default.

Hotfix #2 (5.11.2017)

A new hotfix has been released to add the following features:
- Outfits can only be bought during the corresponding event (if there is one)
- Outfits now have a tooltip to show their corresponding event

Hotfix #1(28.10.2017)

A new hotfix has been released to fix the following bugs:
- Fixed Healer Potion Bug
- Fixed BloodMage Bug setting health to less than 0
- Fixed Wild Nethersoul Bug searching for players in different Worlds (lobby)
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from buying items from the shop


Kit Updates


Passive: When no enemie's are nearby you and you weren't attacked recently, you will become invisible
Haunt: Selects the next visible enemy within 50 Blocks and marks him Haunted. You will be teleported above him and do a ground pound dealing damage and igniting the haunted person. The haunted person gets 50% more damage from teammates and you get 50% less damage as long as the enemy is haunted

Outfit Updates

See General Changes to know what these are

New Outfit for FireMage: FrostFire

Contains Particle Changes

New Hallloween Outfit for Knight: Zombie

Contains Entity Changes (Zombie Horse)

New Halloween Outfit for Knight: Skeleton

Contains Entity Changes (Skeleton Horse)

General Changes


Kits are now cheaper. Instead of a growing price +2000 every time you buy one its now +1500 per kit

Kit Items

Kit Items can no longer be dropped and all Kit Items can now be used from both the main and the offhand. Kit Items are now translated.


Outfits are modifiers for different Kits. Ride a Zombie Horse as a Knight or burn your enemies with FrostFire FireMage. They are only cosmetical!


- Kit discounts above 50% work again
- Wheat and Hay balls can be broken again
- Fixed several issues regarding the Kit Selector

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